Solid Flat Tiles

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The split solid flat tiles are ?produced by wire-drawing?. The single piece can have dimensions of 15 x 30 or 15 x 40 cm, and a thickness of 2.6 cm. The solid flat tile, of traditional appearance but with the characteristics of a high-tech product, has a dual field of application: it is used to face ceilings as well as floors. The colors and natural warm tones of the clay produce delicate shades, from the red of the Marte Flat Tile/Pianella Marte to the more delicate pink of the Minerva and the yellow hue of the Cerere. The hygroscopicity of the clay and mass of the product ensure the salubrity of internal spaces and the thermal phase shift of the roof respectively: both are essential characteristics for the creation of high-quality ceilings with exposed tiles. Thanks to its high tensile strength and very low absorption of water (less than 6%) this is an ideal product for outdoor uses such as the paving of driveways, gardens and sidewalks, but it is also suitable, with the right treatment, for the indoor floorings of places like country-style restaurants or old farmhouses.