Draining and Self locking Floors

  • 21x10,5x5,5 Pink CottoBloc
    21x10,5x5,5 Pink CottoBloc
  • Draining Laying
    Draining Laying
  • 24x12x5,5 Pink CottoBloc
    24x12x5,5 Pink CottoBloc
  • 28x7x,55 Pink Cottobloc
    28x7x,55 Pink Cottobloc
  • 21x10,5x5, Cottobloc Tuscany
    21x10,5x5, Cottobloc Tuscany
  • Laying
  • Pink CottoBloc
    Pink CottoBloc
  • Pink CottoBloc
    Pink CottoBloc
To reduce the risk of exposure to the ever more frequent phenomenon of flooding, to permit the activation of a process of regeneration of wetlands and to promote the growth of vegetation, as well, finally, as out of a desire for environmental sustainability, permeability of the ground is not so much an alternative as a necessity! It is for all these reasons that Solava proposes its DRAINING SELF-BLOCKING PAVING. In fact dry laying helps to counter the increasing impermeability of the ground as a result of overbuilding, which is one of the most serious consequences of the phenomenon of anthropization of the territory.

Instruction for laying without mortar

Video: Dry and draining Laying

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